dimanche 17 janvier 2010

Pagnotte Suicide Ride

Wake up late                              Check
SMS Harry about biking             Check

Pagnotte Suicide Ride?
-Never stop                               Check (except for falling ... a lot)
-Never slow down                     Check
-Never blink                              Check (except for the mud ... a lot)
-Never fear                                Check (except for the down hills ... a lot)

Senlis - Pagnotte - Senlis
2h 29mins
500m ascent
87.3% mud

See you Sunday!!


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Federico (Fred) Rio a dit…

Here is how you calculate the Mud%

[(Wo / Wf) + (Ts / Tt) + (Ts / Tt)] / 3

Wo: weight of bike after being cleaned
Wf: weight of bike with mud
Ts: number of minutes in which you swore at least once
Tt: total number of minutes in the ride
Ts: number of minutes in which your wheel was slipping

It was all recorded in my Polar watch.